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Seed Sowing Machine

Brand : Dharti Agro Engineering

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  • Model 11Teeth - 18 Pipe, 48 Inch Double Hopper
  • No. of Rows 9 (Nine) also available in 7, 11 Rows
  • Row to Row Spacing 9 Inch Standard & Adjustable in 1 inch Ratio
  • Length of Main frame 85 Inch, Increase Length 85 Inch to 112 Inch.
  • Hopper Capacity Approx in Kg. For Seed 35 Kg. For Fertilizer 40 Kg.
  • Weight Approx in Kg. 310 Kg.
  • Require of Tractor H.P. 35 H.P. onwards
  • Which Seed for Sowing Wheat, Ground Nut, Cotton Seed, Castor, Garlic, Maize, Cumin Seed, Soya Been, Sunflower, Paddy (Dry Land) all types of Grains Cereals & Pulses Seeds
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