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Biofield is judiciously balanced high profile biofertilizer consortia and sea origin plant food supplements and humic acid for prolonged crop growth and higher yield.

Biofield is a combination of

  • Nitrogen fixer, Azotobacter chroococcum ( 107-109 cfu/gm)
  • Phosphate solubilizing bacterium, Bacillus polymyxa ( 107-109 cfu/gm )
  • Sea Weed Extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum & Sargasum wighitti- 25%
  • Humic acid- 6%


It induces more crop growth and nourishes crops for longer period and thereby leading the crop to higher yield with quality produce. Azotobacter fixes atmospheric Nitrogen for crop and produces plant growth promoting substances like GA, IAA, IBA, Cytokinins etc. that all induce the crops’ vegetative and reproductive growth. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria convert complex soil phosphate into simple phosphate and make it available to the crop plants and simultaneously release plant growth promoting substances like GA, IAA, IBA, Cytokinins etc. All these properties lead the crops to grow more and give higher yield with quality produce.

Sea weed extracts and humic acids are very good natural sources of plant growth promoting substances like GA, IAA, NAA, IBA, Cytokinins, Minerals, essential salts, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, organic carbons, naturally derived macro elements like N2, P2O5, K2O, Ca, Mg, S, and all micro-nutrients thereby giving the crop luxurious growth in short and long term time perspectives. They promote soil microbial activities significantly and conserve soil moisture that not only helps crops but to soil micro and macro flora as well. It produces humous in rhizosphere zone which is an essential food to soil micro flora.


  • Spray all field crops, vegetables, spices, plantations, ornamentals with 2 ml of Biofield in 1 litre water.
  • Spray Mango and other high spray volume fruit crops with 1 ml of Biofueld in 1 litre water.
  • While fertigating the crops, apply Biofield @ 200-400 ml/acre as tank-mixed along with other inputs.
  • Dip seeds and seedlings of various crops in a solution of 3 ml Biofield/litre water for enhanced germination and good initial growth.
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