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3 Inch Header Assembly Pp

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Description:- This is drip irrigation product.        
    Made from HDPE virgin materials.      
    This is Khedut Store certified product.      
Features:- Long durability.          
    Corrosion resistant which is a major problem with metal Head units.
    Specially Designed Valves Equipped with high performance
    Specially designed joint less.      
    can be use up to 90' C temprature.      
    Low cost compare to MS and Metal.      
    Leak proof and easy to install.      
    Double pressure gauge ports with brass bushes.    
    UV Stabilized.          
    Support for assembly to maintain studiness.    
Uses:-    Aeembly for Filteration Unit.      
    Use to drip, sprinkler and micro irrigation systems   
    Landscape Irrigation.        

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