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Hydro Cyclone Filters 1 Big

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Description:- This is drip irrigation product.            
    Mild steel construction.            
    This is Khedut Store certified product.          
Features:- Long durability.              
    Specially Designed Valves Equipped with high performance    
    Leak proof and easy to install.          
    Efficiently removes fine sand and silt particles of size higher than 75 microns and specific gravity more than 2.65.
    Recommended to install before media/screen filters to remove particles heavier than water.
    Special Rubber Cone Special rubber cone is provided at the bottom of the cone to prevent wearing
    High temperature & pressure bearing capacity        
    Innovative Conical Filter Design Hydrodynamically designed to create maximum centrifugal action to separate particles heavier than water
    Can also be supplied in stainless steel as a special order.      
    Various Connection Options Available Threaded connection, Flanged connection or Easy Fix connection available
Uses:-   Used in micro irrigation systems to remove sand and silt particles from irrigation water.

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