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Metarhizium anisopliae, 1x109 cfu/gm

Metasoft is a high cfu, high potency bioinsecticide working with broad spectrum activity against Termites, White grubs and other soil inhabiting and foliar insects by inhibiting chitin and insects' cuticle. It causes primary and secondary disease epizootic among Insects appearing at later stages also. This makes sprays cross-infective and cost-effective.


Metasoft is water soluble, low dose, high efficacy product. Upon spraying, it leaves no stain on leaves and can be tank-mixed with half doses of chemical insecticides and all sulphur based fungicides.


Grubs, Termites and other sucking insects and Mites.


It is compatible with all insecticides, plant growth regulators and foliar fertilizers. Do not apply Metasoft with chemical fungicides.


It is safe to beneficial parasites, predators, pollinators and other useful lives


Spray Metasoft @ 1 gm/litre water. Drench Metasoft in soil @ 1 gm/litre for soil inhabiting insects. Do not tank-mix chemical fungicides. Use Runoff-100 @ 5m1/15 IV water along with Metasoft for better results.

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