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Pseudomonas fluorescens


Sudozone is a Pseudomonas fluorescens based biofungicide cum bionematicide having Plant Growth Promoting activity also. It is available in suspoemulsion formulation. Sudozone acts on the hyphae of plant pathogens by enzymatic and antagonistic actions. It consistently works as the nematode control agent also.

Sudozone is useful for all field, fruit, vegetable, plantation, forest, ornamental, green house, landscape, turf and many other agricultural crops. Preventing root invasion caused by soil nematodes thereby not giving access to soil pathogenic fungi to enter the plant root systems. Thus apart from direct control of fungal pathogens, it helps controlling root invading nematodes also. This phenomenon is much useful in integrated disease management. Since it has the PGR effects, it helps in seed germination, plant growth and early flowering and fruiting of the crops. It is an excellent product to control Bacterial Leaf Blight of Paddy.


250-500 gm/acre, applied as soil drench and/or spray depending upon the target.

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