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Pheromone Traps + Controls For Fruit Fly

Agriland Biotech


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Male fruit flies are trapped and females are deprived of mating
Trap is made up of PET which is sturdy and heat resistant. Blocks are of soft wood impregnated with Methyl Eugenol and Cue-lure. No-Mate LifeTime is a para-pheromone, attracts male fruit flies and lures them for genital organ development. Shelf life of the block is 1 year and field life is 3-4 months under ambient storage condition. System is environment friendly. No equipment required for application. The system is user’s friendly and cost effective.


Trap is common to all the flies but blocks are specific to different species of fruit flies. First of all prepare trap to a box shape by locking bottom and ceiling of the trap. Insert block in the trap through a rectangular slot provided on 2 sides of the trap. Block consists a handle made of plastic string. Handle is to be taken out of the trap through a hole provided on the top of the trap and to be hanged at the twig of the tree at a height 5-10 feet above the ground. For crops other than tree crops, trap height may be kept 2-3 feet above the ground. Finally, block remains hanged inside the trap, handle remains fastened with the twig and the trap automatically makes its position. As soon as the traps are filled with fly catches, they are emptied just by opening the bottom of the traps and are locked again for further catches

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