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TRIUMPH (Triazophose 40 % EC)

Brand : Nagarjuna Agrichem Limited

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Triazophos 40% EC

Product Description :

Technophos is a broad spectrum contact insecticide controls boll worms, sucking insects, cotton, tea, oilseeds etc. It controls Aphids, thrips, midges, beetles, larvaes, cutworms, and other soil insects, spidermites, other types of mites, etc in ornamentals, vegetables,vines, bananas, strawberries, oilseeds, cereals, sugarbeets, sugarcanes,maize, soybeans,coffee, grasslands.It is to be used in accordance with climatic condition and approval of local authorities..


  • Insecticide.
Trade Name:
  • Triumph

  • Triazophos 40% EC

Pest Pest Dosage (per acre)
Cotton Spotted Bollworms, Pink Bollwarms 600-800 MI
Paddy White Fly, Stemborer, Leaf Folder,BPH 250-500 MI
Vegetables Spotted, Pink Bollworms, Podborers 250-500 MI
Soybean Gridle Beetel 300-400 MI

  • A broad spectrum insecticide having contact and stomach action
  • Effective of the control of Bollwerms and white files on cotton and stem borer
  • Leaf folder
  • Green leafhopper
  • Hispa on rice, tea, cotton etc.


  • Precisely processed
  • Balanced composition
  • Leak proof packaging
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