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ABHIJEET  Musk Melon

Brand : Namdhari Seeds

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Cantaloupe Type:
Medium maturity hybrid (65 - 70 days) with vigorous plants and good foliage cover. It produces nice round to oval shape fruits with uniform good net. Fruit weight is 1.25 - 1.5 Kg. It has deep salmon firm flesh, which is juicy and sweet (TSS 13 - 14 %). It has tight seed cavity and high yield. 
Hybrid type: Cantaloupe Type
Relative days to maturity(DS) - Green: 65-70
Fruit size (kg): 1.25-1.5
Fruit shape: round to oval
Netting on fruit: good
Flesh colour: deep salmon
Flesh texture: good
Seed cavity: small
TSS %: 13-14
Remarks: good size attractive round hybrid
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