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Eucharis Bulbs

This curious, unusual shade plant from South America produces flower stalks with 5 to 6 pendulous daffodil-like blooms. Framed by attractive, shiny, deep green foliage, the flowers are prized for their sweet, tropical scent. This Ecuadorian native is an excellent container plant and is happy in greenhouse, solarium or even on a windowsill, where a lightly shaded environment can be provided. Responds well to monthly feeding and soil that is not allowed to dry out.

If you are able to purchase loose bulbs, plant 2 or 3 in a 6-8 inch pot, and like Amaryllis bulbs, position them with their necks just above the soil surface. Don't be in a hurry to separate each bulb and plant the biggest in a larger container. They can stay put for several years crowded into one pot. Transplanting to individual pots, I'm told, will probably set them back a bit, but in time, they should recover.

If you order bulbs in early spring, you may be able to purchase them in a container, one bulb to a small pot. Perhaps you might like to use eucharis later as a temporary landscape feature. One possibility is to plant one or two bulbs in front of taller shrubs in the same way as you might use summer flowering shading loving annuals such as impatiens. Or surround your specimens with hostas. Or arrange one or more pots on the patio along with your other subtropical potted plants in summer.

Do keep an eye open for the common pests that that sometimes attack plants..slugs, spider mites and mealy bugs, and treat with an insecticide before the damage goes too far.

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