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APOORVA  Water Malon

Brand : Seminis

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Soil : Well drained sandy loams and alluvial soils at riverbed are best suited
Sowing time : As per the regional practices and timings
Optimum temp.for germination : 28 - 320C
Spacing : Row to Row : 150 cm, Plant to Plant : 45 cm.
Seed rate : 300 - 400 gm / acre
Climate : Hot weather with sunshine hours favors increased sweetness.
Preparation of Main field: ● Deep Ploughing and Harrowing. ● Add Well decomposed
FYM 10 -12 tons / acre ● Open ridges & furrows at required spacing and apply basal dose
of fertilizer Irrigate one day before sowing ● Sow 2 seeds per hill.
Chemical Fertilizer : Fertilizer requirement varies with soil fertility
Basal dose before sowing : 25:50:50 NPK kg / acre
Top dressing 30 days after sowing : 25:0:50 NPK kg / acre
Apply micronutrients as and when required
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