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Agronomy is most important in agriculture. Agricultural irrigation, seeds, plowing, crop protection, biological Restructuring, etc. depending on agronomy. Agronomy good knowledge and guidance is very essential for the Best Agricultural Development.

   A. Seed: - It should be a good choice for a profitable crop of rich harvests and a good harvest good seeds / seedlings. Untitled best and confused with a pure genetic quality and disease free seed should be selected so that a good thrill and healthy plants can be achieved.


   B. Chemicals: - Agriculture harvest to keep the disease / pest chemicals need to be specific in its use of technology and its chemical drugs are consumed in a variety of chemical classes, the data can be obtained with Best result in crop protection without having to disrupt the forces of nature. However, with chemical pesticides / chemicals can be curative in farming comes to the use of organic farming and eco-reductions in costs can be harvested.


   C. Compost - should have the right amount of nutrients for crop growth and development as well as good product. The current can be obtained by chemical fertilizers, organic manures and full understanding of the use of natural fertilizers and variety of cakes.

General and gain more profit than conventional farming, horticultural farming is the best way. Crops of plants, fruits, spices, crops, herb is plenty of profit to be gained by systematic and organized farming. The export of horticultural production than conventional farming and the excellent opportunities to enhance the quality of the item. India and the world, farmers are gradually moving towards horticultural farming. Cultivation of horticultural crops to get more profit in the future.

   A.Seeds / nursery: - is very important at the selection of seed / plant good varieties of horticultural crops to increase production and profits. Let's selection of seeds / nursery to ensure that it can grow with the sense of being well after the disease, healthy and planting


   B.Chemicals: - have been calculated according to the number of horticultural crop production plants / trees. It is therefore a valuable plant / tree. Keep it free from disease / pest and chemicals technology necessary to its defense. Which would recommend identifying which chemicals to control disease / pest should be used.

Best option is to get a steady income daily and Pastoral, animal husbandry, where countries such as India, which are often required to take good care of the animals when they are in the milk and then the meat and keep its health-care of it.

   A.Milk Growth Milch animals to maintain its milk production on a daily basis, Take special care to give animals the meat of his physical development and health. The use of different added nutrients pasumate determined by milk. It is for the good food, housing, as well as its medical drugs. It is readily available and accessible in practice.


   B.Animal health: - The cattle is capital for ranchers, so organizations should be available to health care should be given to preserving the health of the medicine and tonic on a regular basis.


   C.Food: - it is very necessary for proper nutritional diet for domestic animal health and milk production. Providing enough of a variety of nutrients in the diet should be full of vitamins and minerals and animal food should come on with his daily food.

Cultivation to maintain soil quality, is the right irrigation, crops can be composted -Water well developed to be a scientist if you get the right guidance for agricultural crop protection, increasing production and productivity in the long term.
Farmer is acquainted with the information from the new research in agriculture and agri-based innovations and the country is required reading books, etc. to various agriculture related magazines, daily agriculture, agricultural continual exposure to foreign news. Progressive farmers are always informed by new technologies and new research, by books and magazines.
In costs arising in farming 20% of cost only behind irrigation. If irrigation method is correct then 50% of save the water and reduced the irrigation cost of 75%. Todays, latest method is available in irrigation and research are still continue. So as a progressive farmer must adopt new and environment-friendly agricultural irrigation method.